Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Organic turkey burgers and gravy

Turkey burgers and baked mashed potatoes smothered in gravy I found some organic ground turkey at publix yesterday!  It was humanely raised, no antibiotics, no growth hormones...very nice!  My kids loved these burgers, even the baby ate them, and Eva isn't a huge meat eater. I added some extra seasoning to them and the gravy came out very flavorful.  Turkey burger gravy usually doesn't taste as good as gravy from beef or pork because of the lack of fat but with the right seasoning it really worked well! I promised the kids mashed potatoes but I didn't want to peel the potatoes so I baked them in the oven first, scooped out the insides and then mashed them.  I was so surprised that Eva loved these!  She usually doesn't like mashed potatoes but she ate seconds, maybe it was because of the gravy.  I've been experimenting with this recipe and I found out that the bread crumbs make a big difference.  I've been buying soy-free regular bread crumbs which work really well for breading chicken and fish but not for meatballs and turkey burgers.  This time I used panko bread crumbs instead and oh, they tasted so much better!!  I love testing recipes, especially when they come out well!
On to my next cooking adventure!
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  1. I never thought of baking the potato...and then scoop it out to make mashed...what a great idea. :)