Saturday, October 2, 2010

Organic Chicken Wings with Homemade FairTrade BBQ Sauce

Baked Barbeque Organic Chicken I've just started making my own barbecue sauce.  My mom always makes her own but I've never tried her recipe, so I came up with my own.  It is loosely based on hers but all barbecue sauce has similar ingredients anyway.  So I used FairTrade certified sugar in this recipe and it came out really well.  My oldest son, Alex, never eats sauce on his chicken.  I always have to make some plain chicken for him, which I did this time, but once he tasted the sauce it was all over!  He loved it!  I was so excited.

Organic Fried ChickenI was also in the mood for fried chicken last night so I made some.  This is probably the healthiest fried chicken possible that still tastes like fried chicken.  I don't deep fry it, it's low in sodium, and cooked at a much lower temperature than traditional fried chicken.  I've also stopped making biscuits and macaroni and cheese with it so the meal has less calories and fat overall.  I usually serve it with green beans and maybe some fruit.  Last night I made some farfalle pasta with a little butter and Parmesan cheese to go with the chicken.  I still enjoy my favorites but I pair one favorite dish with healthier sides and I don't feel bad at all about having fried chicken, especially when I only buy organic chicken!

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