Monday, October 11, 2010

How to make the best cup of coffee...

This is the coffee I bought today...First Colony Coffee

I love coffee. I always have.  I used to drink WaWa coffee when I lived in NJ but since there isn't any WaWa coffee in Florida, my hubby and I started drinking Folgers coffee.  I'd always buy those International Delight non-dairy creamers because I thought they tasted good.  I never really thought about the ingredients before.  That's the thing about ingredients, these companies use natural chemicals and artificial chemicals to make products taste like food, but it really isn't food.  Here is a list of ingredients of the French Vanilla flavor:  Non-Dairy Product Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Palm Oil, Corn Syrup, Contains 2% Or Less Of The Following: Sodium Caseinate* (A Milk Derivative), Dipotassium Phosphate, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Mono And Diglycerides, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Carrageenan, Salt. That really doesn't sound very appetizing now, does it?  When I was pregnant with my fourth baby, Eva, I couldn't drink that creamer anymore.  The taste became so repulsive to me and I had to find a new cream.  Guess what I decided to try...cream, from a cow!  It tasted so good!  Who'da thunk that real cream would taste better than fake cream?  It's probably because there are only 2 ingredients, milk and cream! This is the best tasting half and half creamer...Organic Valley Half and Half
 After I made the switch to half and half, the Folgers didn't taste very good.  We started trying different brands of coffee because the real cream brings out the flavors in the coffee while the fake stuff masks the flavors. Folgers really isn't that good compared to what I've been drinking lately.
Now I buy Organic Fair Trade Certified coffee and conventional coffee just doesn't compare.  I splurge on my coffee because it is worth the money.  Fair Trade Certified coffee says that farmers will be paid a fair price for their coffee because most conventional coffee farmers are not paid enough to take care of their families.  When people don't have enough money to take care of their families, the children suffer the most.  Children from very poor families are sold and bartered for money.  Families sometimes will knowingly sell their child to a trafficker or a brothel for money for food and basic needs.  So, when I go to the store I spend the extra $2-$4 to support the companies that take good care of the farmers who harvest the coffee.  Each of us can make a difference by taking our vote to the store.  Companies pay attention to which products are purchased and they make sure that consumers get what they want.  If we, as consumers, want Fair Trade coffee, that's what the companies will give us!  Here is a tip...don't ruin the organic coffee with toxic aspartame...use real organic Fair Trade Certified sugar, it will make a huge difference in the taste and you'll be actively participating in the fight against human trafficking.  All that with just one cup of coffee!  My morning cup of coffee never tasted so good!!!

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