Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Cookbook and Ministry

When I first started writing a cookbook, I was just going to do an organic cookbook. Over time, this project has developed into part of my ministry. I've become very passionate about several things; health, organics, gmo's, fair trade, and God. When I was talking about my ministry with my mentor, who is awesome by the way, I was explaining what was on my heart. I want to reach out to others and teach them about eating to support the body that God gave them, which will strengthen their bodies so that they can have the best possible impact on the kingdom. We can take care of the bodies that God gave us in such a way that brings Him glory and enables us to take the gospel to the lost and hurting in the world.

 I posed this question to my mentor, “How do I start a ministry like that?” She replied, “You are already doing something about it, just keep doing what you are doing and God will open the doors for you when the time is right.” The more I thought about what she said, the more I began to understand what that meant for me. That got me thinking about my cookbook and then inspiration hit! I was going to use my cookbook as my platform for reaching others! I started to rethink the format from being “just” a cookbook, to a book that can inspire others to live a life dedicated to God. Most Christian books focus on the spirit and on certain behaviors or sins. There aren't many books that focus on health and wellness from a God perspective; that the way we take care of our bodies is a testimony, good or bad, to others about how we feel about ourselves and God.

 I desire to teach others not just how to love God, but to love themselves and to see themselves as God sees them - perfect creations worthy of love. It is my opinion that people use food as medication, eating emotionally, and thinking that they aren't worth the trouble to take the time to be careful about food choices. It's so easy to focus on others and neglect ourselves. When we don't love ourselves or see ourselves through God's eyes, we are diminishing the capacity for the effectiveness of our ministry. I had to learn how to love me and how to see me the way God does. That perspective really changed me and my outlook on life and how I see others as well. See, eating healthy doesn't have to be motivated by vanity, eating healthy should be motivated by love for self, others and for God. It's okay to love yourself, vanity comes when you exalt yourself above everyone else. 

 We were all created to be unique. Instead of focusing on our imperfections as negative, we should rejoice in our differences and love the fact that we are different. Each of us has something to offer the kingdom of God, God made us different so we can bring our uniqueness to the table and make the body of Christ whole. If we were all bringing something to a potluck dinner and everyone brought dessert, what would we eat for dinner? If everyone's strength was evangelism, who would be there to pastor, to teach, to lead, to serve, to minister, etc. We each have a role in the church, we each have a gifting, and we have strengths and weaknesses that are used for God's glory not our own.

I am writing an organic cookbook with a focus on God and I want to teach others about issues that surround food; slavery, genetically modified organisms, and society's impact on women. 


  1. I'm not sure if you've heard of it but there is a book called "Women, Food and God" by Geneen Roth that touches on this but is not a cookbook. It might be good research.

  2. Thanks! I haven't heard of it but I will look it up!