Monday, November 29, 2010

Farmer's Market Quiche and Spinach Salad

Farmers market Spinach Salad and Quiche

I was able to go to the Green Market at Jacksonville Beach on Saturday.  It was a 50 minute drive from my house but it was well worth it!  I have been looking for farm fresh eggs ever since I started eating organic but I hadn't found any farmer's markets that sold them.  My search ended at the Green Market!  I was so excited!! I finally got my farm fresh eggs this past Saturday and the best way I could think to prepare them was in a quiche.  I had leftover pastry from my Thanksgiving pies and I made my favorite Spinach, Bacon, and Cheese Quiche.  My other purchases at the farmer's market were fresh spinach, tomatoes, and I used those to make a salad.  I also had some organic carrots in the fridge which I put in the salad too.  I made a yummy Honey Balsamic Dressing to go on the salad and it was wonderful!  My kids really enjoyed the quiche and most of the salad.  I'm really focusing on making sure that we eat plenty of fresh, raw veggies and fruits so we can be healthier and more satisfied.  My kids really enjoy eating raw fruits and veggies, that makes me so happy!  The next time you have salad, forget the iceburg lettuce, which has no nutrients, instead go for the spinach, kale, or romaine lettuce.  These will provide your salad with so many more vital nutrients and vitamins and a lot more flavor.

Since one quiche only uses 4 eggs, I had extra eggs, so for breakfast I made scrambled eggs and soft boiled eggs for everyone.  I found this lovely bakery fresh bread at Publix, it was whole grain with no soy, oils, preservatives, or additives.  It went well with the eggs and my kids really liked it .  I'm so glad that they love to eat whole grains, once you get used to eating whole wheat you won't even miss white bread.  I also found another bakery fresh loaf of whole wheat bread at Publix without soy and that is exciting to me since I usually have to make my own bread from scratch because all sandwich bread has soy in it.

Stay-tuned for more posts and pictures of food creations!!
Buy organic and support your local farmers!
Have a fantabulous day!

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